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Here at South Paw, we've had as much fun coming up with must-have items, as we've had building custom homes (OK, maybe more). Much as we'd like to have a big ol' warehouse full of stuff (ready to ship to you at a moment's notice), we prefer to manage Quality Control by making things by hand, To Order. Sure, it takes a little longer, but isn't ā“ better worth waiting for? And think of the savings to you, not paying rent on that warehouse for us to store it 'till you buy it.

Initially, our Ringer Tee's were given out as gifts on completion of projects, but the demand has been so great, with people saying they'd gladly buy one or more for friends & family, we were finally obliged to offer them here online.

Ringer Tees


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Also, our popular Sawblade Bookends disappeared for awhile, but are brought back by popular demand. Stylish and Functional, they were part of the recycling program early on. Rather than throw out a blade when it lost too many teeth to be used for cutting, why not transform it into something decorative, to live on as a part of your new home?

Book Ends

cool mexican blankee not included


Click to see larger image 6"L x 6"T x 4"W Oak with black blade & clear finish

Other options available at custom quote - contact us

We also offer a saw blade wine bottle stand. Although we don't provide the bottle, the stand will be a great addition to your home!

Wine Bottle Stand
wine not included


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Next up is the Magnet Stud finder (never needs batteries) handy for locating a solid place to hang things on the wall. These lil' guys start out life as a cow magnet (used to stop the occasional stray piece of baling wire a cow might eat from doing serious internal damage). We send them off for engraving with our very own paw logo & SOUTHPAW, attach a length of chain & voila' stud finder. Very Handy.

Stud Finder


Click to see larger image Click to see larger image CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Lastly, as a bonus for clients, upon completion of your project, you may choose any one item as your thank-you gift from us. When it's time, we'll give you a special link to follow to collect your loot.

Thanks to PJ from John Patrick Images for the cool pictures of our items.